Thursday, 31 October 2013


I have not posted anything for far too long...I apologise.

So, because it is Halloween I give you a little seasonal poetry...


Cold as bitter frost
They come
Ugly as a forest blight
Warped and twisted
Spreading only shadows
In their wake

Harsh as winter wind
They scorch
Turning foliage brown with rot
Crooked as old branches
Stooping, creaking
As they tread

Rancid as dead meat
Their breath
Whispering of miseries
Of pain and horror
Shedding only nightmares
As they speak

Sharp as ragged thorns
Their tongues
Ensnaring victims with their spells
Spitting poison
Spiteful, gloating
As they laugh

Eyes like dying coals
They stare
Watching as you soundly sleep
Waiting now for you to choke
Twitching, blissful
At your death

Rubbing hands with glee
They cackle
Gathering your cold remains
Grinding them to dust
Tasting, licking
At your bones

Underneath the moon
They dance
Weaving a grotesque parade
Hunched and ragged
Seeping through the night like dreams
Seeking out your mortal terrors
Dread and trepidation

All of these, their seeds