The Birth of Disturbia

Disturbia was conceived out of bitterness, frustration and pain.

In the beginning my mind dwelled in shadows; in darkness that I tried to bury deep beneath bright colours and commercial smiles.

Colourful smiles paid the bills. Darkness did not.

But these smiles were not as amiable as first thought. Over the years they corrupted: reeking havoc on the body that had accepted them…Or perhaps it was the darkness seeping through, seeking vengeance for such abandonment; painful imprisonment behind a mask of lies; whispering, I am here, come back to me or I shall make you suffer.

So back I came, reluctantly at first, unsure of its intentions, until finally I realised that I should never have suppressed it.
   When darkness dwells inside it is unwise to stifle it. It festers there, and in some way or another it will make itself heard.
   So now I have embraced it; cast off the colourful mask I had worn everyday and let myself return to my calling, however uncertain the future seems. However grim.
   For there are times when grim is good – times when the world looks best in black and white –
   - with just a splash of red.

Well…they say colour is good for the soul…

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